Upper Valley Produce supplies restaurants and retailers across Vermont and New Hampshire with impeccably fresh fruits and vegetables at a competitive price.

We form a vital link between growers and retailers. Our distribution system ensures that our growers' products reach their market in outstanding condition and that our customers-from the smallest restaurants to the largest retailers-have their pick of a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables from local favorites to global exotics-- conventional, hydroponic, and organically grown. Reliably fresh. Day in and day out. All year round.

We take particular pride in supporting and promoting local growers-across New England and throughout Quebec. Our goal is to buy local first, bringing fresh, wholesome, seasonal produce direct from growers in your region to your retail shelves and restaurant tables.

Our success is built on intimate knowledge and care of our customers-small and large. And on our established network of trusted growers. And on our impeccable reputation for packing, storing, and distributing. We deliver what you're looking for, looking great, fast and fresh to your door. We pride ourselves on our quality of freshness and our high standards for customer service.

Upper Valley Produce is an exclusive distributor for Taste of the North produce. Taste of the North has a long-standing reputation for providing consistently top quality tomatoes (hydroponic, organic and conventional), bell peppers (hydroponic, ,conventional), English cucumbers (hydroponic, organic and conventional) as well as strawberries and blueberries from growers across Vermont and Quebec. Find out more at Taste of the North.

Meet ourregional growers.They're a vital part of our ability to deliver fresh produce grown and harvested right in your region.

Handled with care. Delivered at the peak of freshness. Our growers work hard to produce fruits and vegetables that look and taste great. We honor that by handling their harvest with the utmost care and delivering it for peak freshness.

We ensure optimum humidity and temperature for all our produce-from our loading docks to our refrigerated trucks to our state-of-the-art warehouse. Our expertise in climate control means your produce arrives with great flavor and texture and the longest shelf life possible.

We handle produce with tender care. We take kid-glove care in packing, loading, and unloading to prevent bruising or injury. Our goal is to ensure that your produce arrives looking as good as the moment it was harvested.

And we're relentless about food safety. Everyone, at every link in our supply chain, is highly trained and ardently committed to food safety. It begins with our network of trusted growers who maintain stringent safety standards in their own operations. And extends to every step of our operations. We use carefully planned, well established safety protocols to ensure your food is properly handled in our care. Tender loving care and advanced food science are the keys to our reputation for quality.

*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point